Building a Better Home for Your Family, Your Pocketbook, & The Environment!

Thunderbolt Construction utilizes Designtech's concept by building an energy efficient home that is Guaranteed to pay the homeowner back 4x over starting the day they move into the home. Thunderbolt is able to guarantee the energy bills for a three year period at a 70% reduction in your heating and cooling cost. This proven technology has been implemented in many homes constructed by Thunderbolt and the homeowners will attest to the validity of the claims made by Thunderbolt. The savings to the energy costs are enormous over a years’ time with minimal cost. These homes are certified with SRP’s Energy Star Program. Each individual home is tested upon its completion for energy efficiency which is required by SRP. Thunderbolts motto is rather than finding alternative sources of energy just construct a home that requires less. In this case 70% less. If you are in the market to build a new home, make it energy efficient by contacting Thunderbolt Construction.



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