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About Us

With over 40 years experience Thunderbolt Construction specializes in new home construction. Operating out of Mesa, Arizona, Thunderbolt’s primary goal is to build quality custom homes as well as tract homes to high quality standards to satisfy the needs of the buyers in today’s market. Thunderbolt offers an architect to design and prepare completed plans to complete home construction from start to finish. Thunderbolt offers complete on site supervision at all times to assure the quality standards will be met. Thunderbolt possesses an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Uniqueness & Difference of this Company

Thunderbolt Const. has the unique ability to offer a new building technology called Designtech Systems. Designtech is a patent pending technology that offers the most energy efficient way to construct a home for today’s buyers. Engineer testing has proven it to be 70% more efficient than conventional construction. This is according to SRP Power Company in Arizona. It utilizes the same building materials and subcontractors as conventional construction with the use of 2X4 walls and spray foam insulation. Thunderbolt is able to guarantee the energy bills for a three year period at a 70% reduction in your heating and cooling cost. This proven technology has been implemented in many homes constructed by Thunderbolt and the homeowners will attest to the validity of the claims made by Thunderbolt. The savings to the energy costs are enormous over a years’ time with minimal cost. These homes are certified with SRP’s Energy Star Program. Each individual home is tested upon its completion for energy efficiency which is required by SRP. Thunderbolts motto is rather than finding alternative sources of energy just construct a home that requires less. In this case 70% less.

As you can see Thunderbolt Construction has a unique advantage over its competitors. This technology has the ability to change the way homes are constructed in this country and beyond. SRP has stated that with the use of this technology in home construction this could have a huge impact on savings to their company as the power provider.

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